What Is Lotus Domino Webopedia Definition

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An IBM server application platform used for enterprise e mail, messaging, scheduling and collaboration. Lotus Domino was previously called Lotus Notes Server and was initially the server component of Lotus Corp s client server messaging technology..

  • What Is Lotus Domino Webopedia Definition

    Lotus Domino provides the complete infrastructure needed to create, test, deploy, and manage distributed, multi lingual applications, including directory, database, .

  • What Is Lotus Notes Webopedia Definition

    A groupware application developed by Lotus, now part of IBM. Notes was one of the first applications to support a distributed database of documents that could be accessed by users across a LAN or WAN..

  • What Is Lotus Domino Definition From Techopedia

    Lotus Domino uses a document oriented database called a notes storage facility to manage data such as rich text documents formatted text and images and other document files with attachments. This database is .

  • What Is Lotus Notes Definition From Techopedia

    Lotus Notes. Definition What does Lotus Notes mean? Lotus Notes is a brand of groupware that is now owned by IBM. Lotus Notes is used with a variety of local and collaborative server applications, including email, calendars, personal information managers PIM and the Web..

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